Membasmi Kemiskinan, Membangunkan Kapasiti Dan Keupayaan Kumpulan Sasar


Resident from four villages in Sungai Siput will receive education aid and contributions when Perak Chief Minister Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir visits the area today.

Dr Zambry will be visiting four villagers in this district starting with Kampung Temin immediately after holding an EXCO meeting at the Sungai Siput District Office this afternoon.

At Kampung Temin, he will be handing over a house that has been restored by Yayasan Bina Upaya (YBU) foundation, back to its owner. The recipient, a hardcore poor single mother, has been living in pitiable condition with her family until YBU discovered her plight and stepped in to help.

Kampung Jawang will be the next stop for the Chief Minister who will present laptops and computer to about 30 Rakyat Religious Schools.

Each school will receive two computers and one laptop during his visit.

This programme is part of a move by KPerak to equip all Rakyat Religious Schools with sufficient Internet connectivity.

KPerak is the trust company established by the State Government of Perak to implement and execute initiatives outlined in the ICT Strategic Blueprint.

Dr Zambrys programme will continue at Kampung Trosor where the CM will visit computer classes that have been set up to educate its villagers.

This is also another programme by KPerak to promote computer literacy especially among rural villagers.

Before Dr Zambry adjourns to a Forum Perdana programme at the Mini Stadium of Kampung Lasah, he will stop by at Kampung Perlop to handover schoolbags and uniforms to 200 schoolchildren from poor families.

The bags and uniforms have been contributed by Yayasan Bina Upaya.

At the Mini Stadium in Kampung Lasah, an exhibition in conjunction with the CMs visit will start at 6pm today and it will be held again tomorrow from 9am till 6pm.

The exhibition is open to all and will offer various services such as free health screening, eye check-ups, registration for scholarship, entrepreneurship opportunities, and various other services.

Source : Perak News